We are Developers of Tomorrow. Through everything we do, we look to make tomorrow better for all. Rather than accepting
‘that’s just the way things are done’, Yolk Property Group has always looked to lead the way. Pioneer new concepts. Pilot new programs. Change the way we live, for the better.

We’ve partnered with Government, universities, non-for-profits and private investors to create new industry benchmarks. Innovative pilot programs include a global leading solar battery apartment development, a Liveable Street program looking to tackle loneliness in communities, and WA’s first timber framed office high-rise.

Yolk Property Group’s Evermore is recognised by peers as a Global Leader in the prestigious international program One Planet Living. This places the development alongside other internationally recognised One Planet Communities including WGV in Perth, Westwyck Ecovillage in Melbourne, Villages Nature in Paris and Somo Village in San Francisco.

A first for Australia, research from the Evermore project has enabled the development of a governance framework and micro-grid system for solar PV and batteries in strata residential developments.

Yolk Property Group and Infinite Energy developed the 1st Solar Power Purchasing agreement (PPA) in Australia whereby every home receives a free solar system on their home. Home owners buy daytime solar energy at up to 40% discount from their provider for up to 10 years and the option to buy the solar system for $1 after 10 years.

The Liveable Street pilot
at Allure Estate sees a streetscape designed to draw residents out of their homes and promote social interaction within the community. The concept is seen as a key way to combat loneliness and mental health issues stemming from isolation. The collaboration between Yolk Property Group and the Government of Western Australia’s Department of Communities is a first for WA.

In collaboration with local councils, Yolk Property Group is piloting the use of new materials in developments. Recycled roads and rubber footpaths are just some of the sustainable innovations featuring in our new land estates.

Tackling entry affordability, we have introduced the Growable Home. Need more details…

Harbour Fremantle will be the first mass timber-framed office in Western Australia. The development will lead the way in WA for green office space and workplace wellbeing.

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We’re big on partnerships, especially with like-minded people. If you’re an innovator, pioneer, or just believe there’s a better way to develop tomorrow, partner with us to set a new industry benchmark.

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Developers of Tomorrow

With ’Tomorrow Thinking’ at its core, Yolk Property Group is leading the way in the Australian property market. The Group’s design-led, innovative thinking has won multiple industry awards and received international recognition for delivering global-leading projects.

Be it a global leading solar battery apartment development or a Liveable Street initiative tackling loneliness in communities, we’re always looking to deliver the best social and commercial outcomes for the life of the property, our partners, and the residents within.