About Us

Yolk Property Group offers a comprehensive, integrated property service unlike any other property developer in Australia.

We’re still considered a small team when compared to the publicly-listed giants of industry, however, we see our size and approach as a major strength. Through partnerships we deliver big. Yet, our everyday approach has the agility and innovative-drive of an independent thinker. We can spot trends and adapt to market needs without having to wait for the next board meeting.

‘Unlike any other property developer in Australia, and that’s a good thing.’

Our core team includes experts from every discipline of property – planners, architects, designers, investment experts, builders, marketers, sales agents, and rental property managers. By bringing like-minded, property-focused experts together, we have developed one of Australia’s most innovative and highly-awarded property services. One that rewards loyal investors, adapts to the market, and adds value to the life of the communities we create.

‘Our greatest development is, and always will be, the way we approach property projects for life.’

Our Story

Originating in Perth, the Group has delivered award-winning property projects in WA and masterplanned communities in VIC since 2013.

Expanding beyond property development, our executives successfully acquired and expanded a residential property management company, ranking as the largest in WA and a top 10 national player. Additionally, we secured a cornerstone position in Burgess Rawson WA. Despite our growth, the Group maintains its founding values of respect, passion, and camaraderie in every relationship, partnership, and joint venture.

From the outset, sustainability and innovation have been the key drivers behind everything we do. Our mindset has always been to lead the way and never shy away from a concept just because it hasn’t been done before. Pioneers, pilots, trailblazers, call us what you will, we like to think of ourselves as Developers of Tomorrow.

CEO Tao Bourton

The Partnerships Continue

One of our strengths is the ability to develop key relationships across Australia’s government, industry and development sectors. Bringing together people and collaborating with organisations of different expertise to achieve great outcomes.

We’ve partnered with Government, universities, non-for-profits and private investors to create new industry benchmarks. Innovative pilot programs include a global leading solar battery apartment development, a Liveable Street program looking to tackle loneliness in communities, and WA’s first mass timber-framed office high rise.

Tao Bourton of Yolk Property Group with Project Partners including Peter Tinley, Minister for Housing Western Australia

Today’s Team

These days, Yolk Property Group employs a lot more staff with our head office in Cottesloe, Western Australia. The size of the team may have changed but our approach has not. We’re still developing partnerships and leading the way in the Australian property market.

Our Leaders


Position: Founder & Director | Yolk Property Group
Email: tao@yolkpropertygroup.com.au

B.Com (Property), Grad Cert Plan

Tao is a Director and partner of Yolk Property Group. After well over a decade in the property development industry, Tao has played key roles in some of Australia’s most innovative developments receiving awards from the likes of Urban Development Institute of Australia and Curtin University. He has held key roles with one of Australia’s largest, publicly listed, property development companies and Victoria’s largest private land developer (Peet Ltd, Villawood Properties and Port Bouvard).

B.Com (Property), Grad Cert Plan Tao is a Director and...


Founder & Director | Yolk Property Group

Melissa Su-Wei Teo

Position: CFO | Yolk Property Group
Email: melissa@yolkpropertygroup.com.au

B.Com. (Accounting & Finance)
Melissa is a CPA with well over a decade of experience in accounting and financial control. She worked for a range of private business including one of the world’s leading independent assurance, tax and advisory firms. With a keen eye for numbers, Melissa has the ability to spot growth potential and provide financial insight for the Group’s investment decisions.

B.Com. (Accounting & Finance) Melissa is a CPA with well...

Melissa Su-Wei Teo

CFO | Yolk Property Group


Position: General Manager of Development
Email: sheldon@yolkpropertygroup.com.au

B.A (URPlan) & CertIV
With two decades in the planning and development sector and expertise spanning urban design and statutory planning, Sheldon has a unique blend of urban design skills and built form appreciation.

Passionate about crafting outstanding environments for all ages, Sheldon focuses on creating commercially successful planning projects. With extensive knowledge in planning, project management, and delivery, he brings a broad base of expertise to the Group. His experience encompasses significant design projects in Western Australia and New South Wales, covering master planning, subdivision design, land use assessment, yields analysis, and formulation of design guidelines. As General Manager of Development, Sheldon leads the development of land lease, retirement, industrial and commercial projects.

B.A (URPlan) & CertIV With two decades in the planning...


General Manager of Development

Andrew Graham

Position: Licensee | Realtime Realty
Phone: 0419 930 658
Email: andrew@yolkproperty.com.au
Categories: Realtime Realty

B Com (Property), Assoc Dip Bus (Real Estate)
After 26 years in the property industry, Andrew has multi-faceted property experience in the areas of: land and built form project management, marketing, property sales, market analysis, valuation and asset management.

Andrew is the licensee of Realtime Realty.

Prior to joining Realtime Realty, Andrew was the Sales & Marketing Director and Licensee for the West Australian division of a private national property firm, one of the largest in Australia. Between 2003 – 2009 Andrew held a dual role as the Senior Development Manager (Built Form) and Licensee for a high profile publicly listed developer and completed numerous built form projects to a high level of satisfaction to both shareholders and purchasers of land and built form product.

Andrew has also previously held the position of REIWA – Deputy Chairman (Mandurah Branch), served as REIWA Public Enquiries member. Andrew’s expertise are also called on as a member of the Property and Planning Sub-Committee to the Board of Iona College, Mosman Park.

B Com (Property), Assoc Dip Bus (Real Estate) After 26...

Andrew Graham

Licensee | Realtime Realty

Developers of Tomorrow

With ’Tomorrow Thinking’ at its core, Yolk Property Group is leading the way in the Australian property market. The Group’s design-led, innovative thinking has won multiple industry awards and received international recognition for delivering global-leading projects.

Be it a global leading solar battery apartment development or a Liveable Street initiative tackling loneliness in communities, we’re always looking to deliver the best social and commercial outcomes for the life of the property, our partners, and the residents within.